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Rating All The Things I have Tried For Back Pain Relief

Dealing with back pain in my 30s was one of the many surprises no one prepared me for. I didn’t know that the same habits and sedentary lifestyle I had in my 20s would come with debilitating consequences in my 30s. Back pain has been a constant companion in my life, pushing me to try out all sorts of remedies in search of relief. Here are my thoughts on everything I have tried for back pain relief.

Acupuncture - 5/10

I started with acupuncture, an ancient practice where needles are stuck into specific points on your body. I can still remember the needle's sting, but honestly, the relief wasn't that memorable. It was just okay—nothing amazing.

Stretching Routines on YouTube and Instagram - (Mixed Results)

Next, I turned to YouTube and Instagram fitness influencers for stretching routines. I twisted my body in various ways following random fitness influencers but they didn't really help my back or hip muscles. Then, I found Mady Morrison on YouTube. Her stretches hit the spot, and I felt a lot of back pain relief. Now, I stick to her videos. 

Physiotherapy - 8/10

Physiotherapy was a real game-changer, but it took some trial and error. I had to go through several physical therapists before finding "the one" who understood my pain and helped reduce it drastically. A good physical therapist is worth their weight in gold. 

Rest with No Workouts - 2/10

I tried doing nothing but resting, as per my doctor’s advice. It felt great at first, but by midweek, my pain was back with a vengeance. Turns out, just resting isn’t the answer. You’ve got to keep moving to manage back pain effectively.

Adjusting Sleeping Position - 9/10

One of my biggest improvements came from changing how I sleep. Who knew how much sleep posture matters? Adjusting my sleeping position provided significant relief. Proper support and alignment during sleep worked wonders.

Aboniki Balm - 1000/10

Aboniki balm was a revelation. Adding it to my nighttime or post-workout routine gave me deep muscle relief like nothing else. For the first time, I woke up without any back pain, feeling as light as a feather. This balm is a total winner.

Salonpas Patch - 6/10

Using Salonpas patches every night helped keep the pain at bay, although it didn’t completely get rid of the deep pain. They’re a handy tool for managing discomfort. It does leave gum residue on your skin but it helped me until I started using Aboniki balm. 

Mobility Classes Hosted by a Physical Therapist - 1000/10

Mobility classes hosted by a physical therapist have been life-changing. These classes mix stretching, stability, and muscle strengthening, making my body feel amazing. They’ve significantly reduced my pain and improved my mobility.

Ice Therapy - 5/10 

Ice therapy provided temporary relief, cooling the pain down for a bit. However, once the cold feeling wore off, especially at night, the pain came back. Ice is great for numbing the pain, but it's not a long-term solution. 

Modified Workouts - 1000/10

Finally, modifying my workouts to suit my body’s needs was the best decision. After resisting for a while, I realized the importance of listening to my body. Adjusting my exercises led to significant improvements, making my back feel much better. 

Bonus Tips: Stand Up and Move

One crucial lesson I’ve learned is: don’t sit for too long. Sitting too much makes back pain worse, so it's important to stand up and walk around occasionally, especially while working. Regular movement prevents stiffness and reduces discomfort.

To wrap it up, my journey to find relief from back pain has been filled with various trials and errors. While what worked for me might not work for everyone, I hope my experiences can help guide you toward your path to pain relief.

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